About Us

Our story

We are fully specialized in the Hydrangea paniculata. From the strongest stems to the most vibrant colours. Everything we do is devoted to create and grow long-lasting Hydrangeas. We take you with us on a trip of observing, creating and growing. Get introduced to the world behind our Hydrangeas.

It’s a family business

We’ve been growing plants at our nursery in Boskoop for six generations. That’s six generations of Schoemakers, every one of which left a mark on the soil, the plants and the business. Today, Living Creations® is the go-to nursery for everything Hydrangea paniculata.

Born and raised in Boskoop, Holland

Water, bridges, windmills, and nurseries. Lots and lots of nurseries. Boskoop in a nutshell. A little Dutch countryside Venice. In a town like Boskoop, growing up between the nurseries, plant fever is quickly caught. Growing up here means growers’ blood runs in your veins.