Living White box (4 pcs.)


The Living White Box consists of two white Living Creations varieties:

Living Little Blossom ( 2x )
A very compact Hydrangea with very dark green leaves. Her white flowers gradually turn to soft pink over time.

Living Sugar Rush ( 2x )
A medium-sized Hydrangea with medium-sized white flowers. Her flowers remain white throughout the season.

4 hydrangeas per box.
This box is equivalent to 2m² of hydrangeas.
Productsize per piece W. Ø12 cm x H. 25 cm.

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Available on 2 February 2024
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What to expect
We deliver your Living Creations Hydrangeas in 11 x 11 cm containers. At first, your Hydrangeas are small and cute. It’s like buying puppies, but without the burdens. Our Hydrangeas are super easy to maintain. The plants automatically grow into full-fledged Hydrangeas. Expect the first flowers during the first summer after your purchase.

You can plant panicle Hydrangeas all year round, as long as it doesn’t freeze. Our Hydrangeas can be planted in the garden as well as in a pot on your terrace or balcony. Water them good and prune them annually. In return, they’ll flower every summer – for up to 100 days a year.

Final size
After 3-4 years the panicle Hydrangeas will reach the following dimensions: Living Little Blossom (B 70 x H 80 cm) and Living Sugar Rush (B 80 x H 80 cm). The exact dimensions will deviate when the plants are not (properly) pruned.

Products per m²
Always wanted a sea-of-flowers-garden? In that case the correct dosage is super important. Because both varieties grow into medium-sized shrubs, we recommend planting 3 Hydrangeas on every square meter. This is how you create the perfect density.

From November to April it’s time to prune panicle Hydrangeas.

-30° winter-hardy
Freezing cold? No problem. Living Creations Hydrangeas will survive. They are winter-hardy and can withstand severe winters.

Grow in full / half sun
Our Hydrangeas perform the best by a large dose of sunlight. These sun rays ensure more flowers and additionally extra colored petals.

Additional information

Weight 1680 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

Living Little Blossom (light green, white and light pink) and Living Sugar Rush (light green, cream and white).

Living White box (4 pcs.)


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